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Things to do in Cayo Largo

Picture the scene for a moment – soft, virgin white sand, the kind that surrounds your toes as your feet sink into the talcum powder consistency, blinding azure blue sea, glittering in the intense sun, high in the sky, palm trees swaying in the slight breeze …  more...


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I am of course talking about the vibrant Caribbean island of Cuba, and more specifically, the stunning and relaxing resort of Cayo Largo.

With any Caribbean destination, the beaches are of course the main pull, and rightly so. I described the idyllic nature of the beaches in Cuba in the first paragraph, but to see them really is something else. The great thing about Cayo Largo, and probably one of the main factors that keeps people returning, is that although it is obviously a tourist area, it doesn’t seem it. I guess this has a downside if you’re wanting massive nightlife, huge shopping malls and fast food eateries, but if that’s what you’re after then you’re probably better off looking at the more modern and larger resort of Varadero. Instead, this island paradise is chilled out and perfect for those who want the real castaway experience, without any cares in the world.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then read on.

Most hotels in Cayo Largo are all inclusive, which means they are brimming with activities to keep everyone occupied. There is plenty to see and do, not least beach-based activities, such as plentiful water-sports, including kayaks, pedal boats, snorkelling, catamaran etc. Playa Sirena is a great place to start for water-sports enthusiasts, with a large range on offer.

Because Cayo Largo is a relatively small island, only 20km, then walking around the coastline is a good activity for anyone who really wants to take in the stunning scenery of the area. Just remember that camera and a hat! The south coastline is particularly good for walking, however do bear in mind that the sun is intense, so remember to stop every so often.

If walking isn’t your bag, then maybe cycling is, and in that case you can easily hire a bike from many hotels and head off on the trails around the island.

To get a taste of village life in Cayo Large, a guided tour into El Pueblito is a very popular excursion. The beauty of guided tours is that you learn so much more than you would if you just wandered off yourself, and you know all the best places to see, without missing out on anything. El Pueblito is also a good trip to take the children on, as there is a turtle farm and museum too.

Tower’s Garden is another popular spot, not least because there is a pet crocodile in the pond! Bizarre, I agree. This is a good activity for anyone into their gardening and flowers.

Of course, if you’re staying in an all inclusive resort, as we touched on before, you will be spoilt by an entertainment programme no doubt. Of an evening you can choose to stay in and enjoy whatever is offered by your animation team on that day, or head out into town, the choice is yours.

The entertainment on offer during the day could also include something a little more educational, such as dance lessons, or Spanish lessons. If you’re feeling energetic, you could sweat it out in the gym, or head to an aerobics class, or even a game of tennis or volleyball. Personally, I’d rather sweat it out by the pool!

Despite the quiet, chilled-out vibe of Cayo Largo, you will never be twiddling your fingers, looking for something to do. For the ultimate chance to kick back and relax in quite simply stunning surroundings – welcome to paradise.

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