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One of the most unspoiled islands in the Caribbean, St. Lucia abounds with rugged mountain peaks, verdant rain forests, and stunning beaches. Its lush interior is enveloped in greenery; thanks to its rich volcanic soil, the island produces a bounty of exotic fruits and vegetables, and is one of the leading banana exporters in the entire Caribbean. From the summits of its twin peaks, the Pitons, to its brilliant offshore reefs, St. Lucia overwhelms visitors with its natural beauty.


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Saint Lucia Information

The Arawak and Carib Indians were the first to settle on St. Lucia, followed by the French and British. Today St. Lucia is a member of the British Commonwealth. Still, the island’s French heritage is apparent in the patois spoken by most residents and the cuisine served in most restaurants. Castries, the capital, contains fine examples of French colonial architecture. One road circles the entire island. Travelling counterclockwise from Castries you will come to Marigot Bay, a picturesque natural harbour which was the backdrop for the film, Dr. Doolittle. Further south is the town of Soufriere, with its buildings decorated with West Indian fretwork.

Near Soufriere the Diamond Baths and Waterfalls and Botanical Gardens beckon visitors to bathe in refreshing mineral springs and enjoy the island’s exotic flora. South of Soufriere, the majestic twin peaks fo the Pitons tower over the Caribbean Sea. Slightly inland, Sulphur Springs are home to the world’s only “drive-in” volcano, which is also named Soufriere.

St. Lucia’s main draws are tranquility and beauty, from its sandy beaches to its lush rain forest.


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Saint Lucia Practical Information

Saint Lucia Interesting fact

St Lucia has produced two Nobel Prize winners, the playwright and poet Derek Walcott (Literature, 1992) and Sir Arthur Lewis (Economics, 1979).

Saint Lucia Public Holidays

New Year's Day; Independence (22 Feb); Good Friday; Easter Monday; May Day; Whit Monday; Corpus Christi (June); Emancipation (Aug); Thanksgiving (Oct); St Lucia Day (13 Dec); Christmas Day; Boxing Day.

Saint Lucia Visas

Visas are not required for citizens of the USA or Commonwealth countries.

Saint Lucia General Information

Saint Lucia Capital

Saint Lucia Currency
East Caribbean dollar

Saint Lucia GNI per capita
US $5,530 (World Bank, 2008)

Saint Lucia Language

Saint Lucia Main exports
Bananas, clothing, cocoa, vegetables, fruits, coconut oil

Saint Lucia Population
172,000 (UN, 2009)

Saint Lucia Telephone codes
00 1 758

Saint Lucia weather

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