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Venezuela offers a variety of landscape – tropical beaches, immense plains, enormous rivers, forests, jungle, waterfalls and great mountains. The weather also varies very much from one place to another.


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Venezuela Information

Some of the best beaches are on the east coast and the islands of the Venezuelan Caribbean like the archipelago of Margarita Island. The 4000km Caribbean coastline represents the main tourist destination. The area has numerous excellent beaches and resorts ranging from the comparatively luxurious to the unashamedly opulent, which stretch along the coastline.

Caracas, the capital, has more than 4 million inhabitants and is the political and economic centre of the country. Here you’ll find theatre, dance, museums, historical monuments, luxury hotels, plazas, parks, movie theaters, the finest restaurants, and to the north the magnificent Avila, which stands over and protects the city of Caracas.

On Margarita Island you can go shopping to buy the latest fashion, have wonderful meals at five star restaurants, buy fresh seafood at remote beautiful places, spend time with the locals, see pelicans, and take a drive to El Cercado where you can actually see crafts being made.

Travel Documents Needed
When travelling outside of your home country you should always have a valid passport.
Valid Passport required, North Americans & Europeans do not need visa if flying directly to Venezuela. Entering Venezuela by land require a valid visa.
Always check with your travel agent regarding entry requirements.


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Venezuela General Information

Venezuela Area
881,050 sq km (340,561 sq miles)

Venezuela Capital

Venezuela Currency
1 bolivar = 100 centimos

Venezuela GNI per capita
US $9,230 (World Bank, 2008)

Venezuela International dialling code

Venezuela Population
28.6 million (UN, 2009)

Venezuela President
Hugo Chavez

Venezuela weather

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